TRADE WAR – will bitcoin reach ATH (all time high) again?

Yesterday I was watching one of my favourite youtubers; “Cryptobud” and he recently uploaded a very interesting video. In that video, Cryptobud was trying to prove that it is quite possible that the current trade war between two superpowers (USA and China) could be good for crypto.

I totally recommend watching the entire video as he did a great job with it:

This topic in particular interest me a lot as I myself do worry about future whenever I see tension growing between the USA and China. With D.Trumph in charge and knowing his agressive approach towards some world leaders, it’s easy to for-see that things may get worse.

Investors do not like uncertainty and many of them will be looking for “safe place” to store their assets. I strongly believe that Cryptobud is right and bitcoin will attract many of those investors. That in effect should create more demand which would result with higher market prices.

Im aware that many of those who follow me have way more experience than I do and I would be happy if you guys would share your view on this particular subject. I read all comments and I also reply to every single one of them.I really would love to hear from you guys your opinion on how the currently escalating trade war could affect cryptomarket.



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