Finally i see the light at the end of that tunel

I was meant to write a post about my favourite crypto ; DeepBrain Chain (I highly recommend everyone do to some personal research about this project).
However, I decided that there are currently more important things taking place at the moment that I would like to talk about instead. Because finally, I see some light at the end of the tunnel and there is hope growing, that soon the crypto market will slowly start rebuilding its wealth.
I will not go deeply into the issue related to the recent disturbing news from China. But in short; their government has decided to stamp out cryptocurrency trading completely with a ban on foreign platforms, which has been tremendous and very upsetting news.
So, for today lets try to be a bit more positive.
Recently the US Senate held a very important hearing on the subject of cryptocurrency, with the head of two main US financial market regulators. Results are bringing so much hope as it seem that the US government isn’t really trying to fight with this market and the general tone of this hearing was quite optimistic.
Ive been pleasently surprissed by the level of education and knowledge that has been displayed during that hearing.
Finally someone underlined that you cannot separate bitcoin from blockchain technology. I never could understand why some many “wise people” keep repeating: blockchain YES, bitcoin NO. We cannot really have one without the other and that’s a fact.
Ive found great video that covers this topic very well if you would like to find out more:
It may partly explain positive reactions on the market (pretty much an immediate raise of volume and prices of almost every cryptocurrency). Will this growth last long? Again, I hardly doubt so. I still believe that smart money will wait until real actions comes from the US and European governments will take place. So far this hearing pointed us in right direction, but we still have a long way to go before regulations will be introduced and applied.
Also, we cannot forget about the threats that are still ahead of us:
What would be and how the decisions on FED interest rates would affect the market? Will Dow Jones continue it’s way down (I cannot imagine that the crypto market wouldn’t be affected by the general negative sentiments on the biggest market in the world)

TETHER – it’s still a ticking bomb which could possibly explode right onto our faces, which will naturally cause another wave of panic and FUD (I recommend you do some research about this particular project. Just google “tether audit” and read some the results to get a bigger picture of this upcoming problem).

I already mentioned in my previous post, that Chinese New Year is coming. This is an extremely important time of the year for the majority of the Oriental Asian population and understanding their culture should be a “must”. Personally, I believe that the number of Asians did not really have much chance to react to the recent negative news coming from China. This may not have a huge impact on market, but it’s still a factor that we should take into consideration while making our financial decisions.
At the same time it’s worth to have a look at the “Bitcoin Rich List”. It seem to me that BTC is being again accumulated by a small group that holds a huge percentage of the entire market. That would make sense.
So are we ready to get back on our feet and is the market ready for solid growth? I hardly doubt so. I cannot see any magical buying power waiting round the corner to jump onto this market right now. I believe that we’re just starting a long process of recovery and we should wait for the upcoming G20 summit which will take place in March and could be potentially crucial to the crypto market. Hopefully all those powerful nations will find common ground and would be as optimistic as the US.
I may be wrong and I wish I would be. I simply cannot imagine why big players would enter this market now, when they really don’t need to rush. It’s always important to try to understand what “smart money” could possibly do. And I think “smart money” will be accumulating cheap cryptos from the remaining of “weak hands” and wait till the current chaos dies down.

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